JAY LENO’S Good-Bye Feel Good Video Of The Day

jay leno's goodbyeGet Good Obsessed:

This is a poignant “feel-good” video. Jay Leno’s heartfelt good-bye has gone viral. He got teary at the end of the final ‘Tonight Show,’ when he had to say good-bye.

I know a lot of people still feel resentful over the Conan O’Brien debacle a few years ago, but I’m not sure that was ever Jay’s fault. I’m not sure why NBC execs are so quick to want to get Jay off the air while he’s #1. It’s too bad that debacle has tarnished Jay’s legacy a bit, to some people, at least. Watching him say good-bye here, though, one thing that’s clear is that he loved hosting the ‘Tonight Show.’ He can be proud of a strong 22 years at the helm.