Dogs Welcome Soldiers Home Feel Good Video Of The Day

dogs greeting soldiersGet Good Obsessed:

Dogs truly are our best friends. Look at this video. It’s a compilation of home videos of soldiers returning home. Their dogs give them VERY warm greetings.

After the service these men and women have given to our country, it’s the least they deserve. It’s probably so confusing for the poor dogs, wonder where their human BFF suddenly disappears to. No matter how confused the dogs may be about their disappearance, they’re happy to see them return. Make sure you see the dog who jumps out of the back of the car to greet his human :).

Baby Experiences Rain For First Time Feel Good Video Of The Day

baby experiences rain for the first timeGet Good Obsessed:

I know it’s Monday, but I GUARANTEE this video will make you smile anyway. This adorable baby experienced rain for the first time. She can’t get enough of it. It’s so funny: this is something we adults try to AVOID.

This is one of THE best things about kids. They get so much enjoyment out of the simple things. This little girl, named Kayden, teaches us an important lesson: enjoy the small stuff!

JAY LENO’S Good-Bye Feel Good Video Of The Day

jay leno's goodbyeGet Good Obsessed:

This is a poignant “feel-good” video. Jay Leno’s heartfelt good-bye has gone viral. He got teary at the end of the final ‘Tonight Show,’ when he had to say good-bye.

I know a lot of people still feel resentful over the Conan O’Brien debacle a few years ago, but I’m not sure that was ever Jay’s fault. I’m not sure why NBC execs are so quick to want to get Jay off the air while he’s #1. It’s too bad that debacle has tarnished Jay’s legacy a bit, to some people, at least. Watching him say good-bye here, though, one thing that’s clear is that he loved hosting the ‘Tonight Show.’ He can be proud of a strong 22 years at the helm.

Principal’s Creative “School Closed” Message

school closing videoGet Good Obsessed:

The 2013-2014 winter has been HARSH. The polar vortex is freezing a good section of the country. If you’re a parent who lives in this area, then you know what that means: schools have been closed. A LOT. The kids may enjoy it (although I’ve had a couple of friends say their kids were starting to go a little stir crazy), but it hasn’t been so easy for parents to juggle.

I’m sure school administrators know that all too well. Here’s one principal’s recording informing parents that school is closed due to the weather. It sounds like he at least tried to be entertaining, even as he informed parents that, yes, their kids would be home for yet ANOTHER day.

Kid President’s Advice To Moms Feel Good Video Of The Day

kid president's advice to momsGet Good Obsessed:

Listen up, Moms! The Kid President has another video out. Here’s 10 things Moms need to know. These videos personify the saying “wisdom from the mouth of a babe.”

His advice on naming would be well-heeded by Hollywood celebs- LOL. My favorites are the “wow” ones and the “have some fun” pieces of advice. Take a minute to check it out. Are you a fan of the Kid President?

Chevrolet World Cancer Day Super Bowl Commercial Feel Good Video Of The Day

chevrolet world cancer super bowl 2014 commercialGet Good Obsessed:

Normally, I like the more humorous Super Bowl commercials, but the poignant ones are wonderful, too. USA Today announced the results of the 2014 Super Bowl Ad Meter after the game last night. One of the more sentimental commercials nabbed some of the top spot: Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” commercial. Chevrolet’s World Cancer commercial was another ad that tugged on the heart strings.

There isn’t any dialogue. It’s just a (presumably) husband and wife, with a wife who appears to be a cancer survivor. They enjoy the sight of a sunrise together. Take a look at the ad. Are you a fan?