Celeb Blind Item Who’s Hiding A Major Heroin Addiction?

Blind Folded ManThis sounds scary, especially in light of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s shocking death. Here’s the goss:

Which A-list star has a major heroin problem, and is so concerned that the police will catch him buying the drug following Hoffman’s death that he has rented a studio apartment under a fake name to meet his dealer.

The married actor with children, has kept his dark secret under wraps for years. But now the signs are becoming obvious. Everyone turned a blind eye because he earns millions of dollars and is famous, but now things have changed. Hoffman’s death has changed everything!

He has a new film opening in the next few weeks!

This guy’s addiction must be serious if Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death didn’t even phase him. Hopefully someone will get him some help. Any guesses?

– Item from Naughty But Nice Rob


  1. Anonymous says

    Not sure why but I am having the *Fresh Prince* inundate my thoughts. For some reason he is the FIRST one that came to mind. He has been acting bizarrely if you ask me. If it’s not him then I wish that whoever it is can find the strength to turn this addiction round if not for the sake of their kids. If PSH’s sad demise does not wake them up then nothing else *will*.

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