Celeb Blind Item Who Asked To Have The SUPER BOWL Delayed Because She Was Running Late?

Blind Folded ManThis falls under the “OMG” category. Here’s the goss:

Which A-list star with a very large ego called her publicist and asked if the SUPER BOWL could be delayed until she arrived at the stadium?

She is running late and assumed they would wait for her! I MEAN

This is not the first time this singer has done this….she once delayed a Broadway show and several fashion shows at the tents in NYC!

Can you guess what the NFL response was???? NO, NO, NO, NO

CLUE: Last time she was at a SUPER BOWL she was a nightmare!

Can you IMAGINE? One of the biggest sporting events of the year is supposed to be delayed for an audience member? Any guesses who would even think to make this request?

– Item from Naughty But Nice Rob

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